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Passenger can register for travel organized or mediated by CROATIA EXPRES d.o.o. at all branch offices and other authorized sale places via telephone, internet or some other means of remote communication.
When applying for travel, passenger and the agency conclude a contract that contains all travel information or they call on the travel program where all required information is listed. The contract is considered binding after it has been signed by the employee of the agency and the passenger and after the passenger has paid full price of the travel arrangement or part of the price and undoubtedly secures the payment of the remaining amount until the agreed date. If a passenger is unable to sign a contract personally, the contract produces legal effects only when the agency receives the entire agreed price of the arrangement, or if it is explicitly agreed, a portion of the agreed price and documentation which indisputably provides payment of the remaining part of the price up to the agreed date. Passenger signs a contract indicating that he / she is familiar with the program and the conditions of travel and fully accepts them. When applying, passenger is required to provide personal data and all the necessary documentation for travel organization in a timely manner. Passenger guarantees the accuracy of the submitted data and accepts all legal obligations arising from this Agreement and positive legal regulations.

Rail passengers accept the General Conditions for International Rail Freight Transport (OPU-CIV). By purchasing tickets in aviation and railway traffic, the passenger accepts the general conditions of the carrier and the agency is not responsible for the carriage.


The price of the arrangement (unless otherwise indicated) generally includes transport services, hotel and catering services and travel organization fees. If stated in the travel program, the travel arrangement cost includes the international aviation fee, the costs of professional and local tour guidance. The cost of the travel arrangement does not include (unless otherwise agreed): optional excursions and visits, possible costs of obtaining and issuing visas and tickets for facilities.


Special services are services that are not included in the price of arrangement (single room, extra meals, excursions, museum tickets) which the passenger pays separately. Passenger is required to request special services when applying and pay them additionally on the price of the arrangement. If a passenger requires special services during the travel, they should be paid to guides or representatives on the spot in the currency of the country in which they are located.


When applying, passenger pays 30% of the arrangement price as a reservation confirmation (unless otherwise indicated). The balance is payable no later than 14 days before the start of the trip. In case of individual reservations for international trips, the cost of reservation is charged to specified amount and is in line with the postal costs (telephone, fax). Booking costs will not be refunded if the passenger does not accept the offered travel arrangement. Upon departure, the passenger is obliged to present the receipt for paid arrangement (original voucher, payment receipt, copy of the voucher) to the representative or guide. If there are no free seats at the time of your reservation, you can deposit 100 kuna for the reservation fee, which will require us to arrange additional seats (on request). If your reservation is confirmed, this deposit fee will be included in the price of the arrangement. If we can not confirm the reservation, we will return the full amount. If you do not accept our confirmed reservation despite our confirmation, the amount of 100 kuna will remain to cover the reservation costs.


The travel prices are published in the travel arrangement and are valid from the day of arrangement publication. The prices listed in our arrangements are based on contracts with our partners and do not have to match the prices on the spot in the destination you are in, so any possible price difference can not be the subject of the complaint. The travel organizer can predict that the passenger will have to pay certain services on the spot. In this case, the passenger submits all possible complaints to the direct service provider on the spot. The Agency sends a notice of price changes to the passenger in writing. The Agency may require an increase in the agreed price if, following the conclusion of the contract, a change in currency rates or carriers or hotel tariffs changes have occurred. If a price increases more than 10%, the passenger has the right to cancel the arrangement and has to notify the agency within 48 hours from the received notification verbally or in written. If a traveler does not cancel within the specified time, he / she is considered to agree to a change in the price. The prices and conditions of transport tickets depend on the regulations of the carrier. The cost of issuing a DB travel document is 7% of the total price of the ticket, or at least 5 Euros equivalent to the exchange rate established on the basis of the Law on Contracts and Transport in Rail Traffic (NN 87/1996) and UIC (Publication 311) 21st Edition dated from 1 January 2007.

Offered hotels, apartments or other facilities in the arrangements are described according to the official categorisation in the country concerned at the time of the issueing arrangement. Nutrition, comfort and other services under the supervision of local tourist authorities, and standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable. Agency does not accept responsibility for any verbal or written information that is inconsistent with the description of the services and facilities in the arrangements valid for the stated trip given by a worker or a third party. Informations, products and services published on this site may contain inaccuracies or errors, including price errors. The Agency does not guarantee the accuracy of information and disclaims any responsability for any errors or other inaccuracies regarding informations, products and services and special offers in the arrangement (including, without limitation, prices, photographs, objects descriptions and their content, general product descriptions). The arrangement of room or apartment accommodation is determined by the reception in the residence. If a passenger has not negotiate a room / apartment with special features in a contract, he / she will accept any officially registered room / apartment particular facility described in the catalog / pricelist. The number of available beds in the apartment determines the maximum possible number of guests in the apartment, i.e. no more guests can be accommodated in the apartment. The child is counted as an adult. The apartment owner has the right to refuse the guest accommodation if the number of persons exceeds the amount announced by the agency.


The passenger that applies for an international trip must have valid travel documents. The passenger is obliged to provide the necessary information and to issue visa documents for the country to which he / she travels to at the time of registration or at the deadline stated in the contract. The travel organizer does not guarantee the visa. If a passenger does not fulfill the above mentioned obligations, it is considered he / she has canceled the trip.


According to the Tourism Travel Act, agency employees are obliged to offer a passenger a “travel insurance package” consisting of health insurance, travel insurance during international travel, baggage insurance, accident insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the passenger confirms that he was offered a travel insurance package. In this way all that is stated under these conditions becomes a legal obligation for both the passenger and the organizer.


The passenger has the right to cancel the trip verbally or in writing at the office where he / she applied for. In this case, the agency retains (unless otherwise stated in the contract) the paid fee in the amount depending on the date of cancellation of the trip according to the following:

– up to 30 days before departure – 10% of the price of the arrangement, but at least 100 kuna
– 29 – 22 days before departure – 25% of the price of the arrangement
– 21 – 15 days before departure – 40% of the price of the arrangement
– 14 – 8 days before departure – 80% of the price of the arrangement
– 7 – 0 days before departure -100% of the price of the arrangement
– after departure – 100% of the price of the arrangement

These cancellation conditions also apply to change of date of departure or hotel facility and in all other cases. If a passenger decides on his own wish to cancel trip during the trip, he / she looses right for reimbursement. Croatia Expres d.o.o. charges administrative costs if the passenger – contract carrier cancels the trip or finds a new user of the same reservation as well as if the passenger who has paid the cancellation insurance cancels the trip.


If a passenger during the application for the trip predicts possible trip cancellation odue to certain circumstances, he / she may pay the cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance can not be paid afterwards. Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, with the mandatory written confirmation: military call, illness, death in the immediate family. In this case, the insurance company is obliged to pay the passenger the total amount of the arrangement. Cancellation insurance is valid up to 48 hours prior to the start of the trip with presentation of a written confirmation and it is 5% of the value of the arrangement (unless specified otherwise). Cancellation insurance is not returned if the trip is cancelled. If the passenger has not paid cancellation insurance but must cancel the trip and has a certificate of military call, illness or death, he / she retains the right to cancellation insurance return according to the regulations set out in point 9. When the arrangement is cancelled, even if the passenger has cancellation insurance the cost of obtaining the visa is not returned. If a passenger purchases a arrangement, a ticket or a service at a special discounted price (e.g. first or last minute rates etc.) he / she has no right to object to the quality of such arrangement, ticket or service and accepts all specific terms of use.


The passenger is obliged to comply with customs and foreign regulations, and if he / she does not respect them therefore can not continue the trip, all costs and consequences incurred for this reason are borne by himself / herself.


Travel organizer, on the basis of valid legal regulations, reserves the right to cancel travel no later than 5 days before departure if a sufficient number of passengers (specified in each individual travel arrangement) has not applied for trip. If it is not specifically mentioned in arrangement, the minimum number of registered passengers in a particular means of transport should be:

– for a bus trip, at least 30 passengers

– for travel by regular air lines in Europe, at least 6 passengers

– for a travel by intercontinental air lines, at least 6 passengers

– for a travel on special aerial lines, trains or hydrofoil – at least 80% of available capacity.

Travel organizer reserves the right to completely or partially modify arrangement if exceptonal circumstances, which can not be predicted or avoided, occur immediately before or during the trip.
Travel organizer reserves the right to change the day or the hour of the trip due to a change in the flight schedule or if exceptonal circumstances occur, as well as the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions of travel change (change of flight, security situation in a particular country, elemental disasters or other situations that can not be affected ) without payment of damages and according to applicable regulations in international traffic. Travel organizer does not take responsibility for changes due to exceptonal circumstances and unforeseen force during the trip. In that case, it can provide services regarding to the situation. If the travel organizer cancels trip, the passenger has right to a full refund.


Every passenger – contract carrier, has the right to complain about the unachieved agreed service and is obliged to file a written complaint no later than 8 days after the end of the trip. If a passenger submits a written complaint after the expiration of this deadline, the agency will not consider it.
We point out that it is in the interest of the passenger to make a complaint to the service provider on the spot (reception, carrier, host or travel agent at the destination) in writing and with the confirmation of the service provider that it has received the complaint. Each passenger – contract carrier, submits the complaint separately – organizer will not receive the procedure group complaint. Without written complaint requests for discounts or compensation payments are not considered. If due to the agency’s fault the program or part of the service has not been provided, the passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unused services. The travel organizer is obligated to make a written response to the complaint within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint at the sales office. The organizer may postpone the deadline for a further 14 days to collect the information and to verify the allegations, but it is obligated to inform in writing the appellant of the complainant. The organizer will only deal with complaints that the cause can not have been corrected on the spot. In case of dispute, County Court of Zagreb is in charge.


Some arrangements have specific travel rules that include mandatory vaccination and the procurement of appropriate documents. The passenger is obliged to take mandatory vaccination as well as to have certificates and documents about it. We recommend paying a health insurance.


Baggage transport to a certain weight determined by the carrier is free of charge. For air transport, excess luggage is charged by the passenger according to the applicable policies or rates. The agency does not take responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. The passenger submits the form for lost luggage to the carrier or hotel. In the case of air transportation, luggage is the sole liability of the airline company on the basis of regulations applicable in international traffic. In case of loss of luggage, the passenger fills out the form of the airline carrying out the carriage and submits it to the representative of the airline company, and retains one copy for himself / herself. Based on a completed form, the airline company pays the damages according to the regulations applicable to international passenger traffic. We recommend paying your luggage insurance.


If a passenger loses travel documents or they are stolen during the trip, he / she must insure new ones at its own expense.


The passenger is obligated to make sure that he / she personally, his / her documents and things meet the conditions set forth in the border, customs, health and other regulations of his / her country as well as the country to which he / she travels to, to respect the house rules in catering and hotel facilities and to cooperate with the travel organizer representative and service providers. In the event of violation of these obligations, the passenger is responsible for any incurred damages. In such a case, the damages fee is paid by the passenger to the owner of the facility (hotels, apartments, etc.) at the reception.


The informations that the passenger receives when applying for the trip do not bind the travel organizer to a greater extent, but they are informations given in the arrangement itself.


These travel terms and conditions exclude all previous travel conditions and guidelines. The general travel terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract that the passenger makes with CROATIA EXPRES d.o.o., or with authorized branch office where he / she has applied for the organized trip.


According the Act on Tourist Activity, passengers are insured in the case of bankruptcy of the travel organizer. This document is valid as an insurance certificate in case of bankruptcy. In the case of bankruptcy, passengers on the trip, as well as those who have paid advance payment, should quickly contact the insurance company where the deposit was paid, and provide the address and telephone number where the insurance agent can contact them.


According to the Tourism Services Act, the agency and the insurer have concluded liability insurance contract for damage caused to the passenger by failing to comply with the partial-fulfillment or unsatisfactory fulfillment of the arrangement-related obligations.


The passenger provides personal information voluntarily. Passenger’s personal data are required in the process of realizing the required service and will be used for further mutual communication (e.g. letter of intent, payment instructions, service delivery notices). CROATIA EXPRES d.o.o. obligates not to disclose personal data from the country or to provide it to a third party other than the partners involved in the realization of the contracted service (e.g. accommodation, airline, carrier). An exception to the provision of personal data to third parties refers to insurance against the risk of cancellation and accident-related illness, accident insurance and lost baggage insurance and voluntary health insurance during the trip and residence abroad. If the passenger concludes the insurance policy, the personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Passenger’s personal data will be kept in the database according to the CROATIA EXPRES d.o.o. decision about the way of collecting, processing and keeping personal data. CROATIA EXPRES d.o.o. reserves the right to use the personal information of passengers for marketing purposes (e.g., notifications, actions, promotions, newsletters). The passenger can disable the service at any time by activating the “Unsubscribe” link at the end of an e-mail or by sending an e-mail or request at Complaint to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes will not affect the contracting and / or realization of the requested service.


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